Jo Anna Rothman
I let my heart lead the Truth Telling Series. What I mean by that is that I don’t let my head interfere.  There is no list or calendar of who will be featured here.  Rather, I wait until my heart whispers, “Ask.”  Then, I wait to see if their heart responds with, “Yes.  This feels good.”

My heart sought out Jo Anna Rothman and the truths that she shares through The Receiving Project and Kind Over Matter.

I was fortunate enough to have a soul talk with Jo Anna and was so moved by how she can see one’s beauty and true nature beneath fears and old beliefs.  Jo Anna is a true healer in a world that needs healing.

Jo Anna, thank you for being here and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a truth teller!

In the news story of your life, what would the headline say?

“A Good Time Was Had By All!”

What life prerequisites, if any, did you complete before you became a truth teller?
I think I had to live in the stew made from my own lack of trust.  It wasn’t fun. It was filled with “shoulds” and “supposed tos”. I felt a calling but wasn’t ready to answer it. I was scared and unsure.  So I told myself I was fine, which was far from the truth.

What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken by telling the truth? What was the reward?
The biggest risk was telling myself the truth that I did not want to work as a therapist. I had known this on some level for quite some time, but really admitting it to myself (and others!) was a big deal.  It took being miserable at one job and getting fired at another for me to really announce my truth. I did not enjoy my work. Being a therapist was a big, giant “supposed to”. When I began the declaring to myself and the world how I wanted to show up, how I wanted to work and serve…everything began to change.  Three years later I have an amazing business as a coach, I get to facilitate “The Receiving Project”, I write almost everyday and I feel very much in alignment with my authenticity.

What is your telltale sign that you are out of integrity with yourself?
For me, it is a feeling of anxiety…like I am struggling to catch up. When I notice that I am feeling that way, I can take a deep breath and figure out what agreement I need to keep or renegotiate.

Do you have a mantra that you try to live your life by? What is it?
These days it is something that I was taught in grad school at The University of Santa Monica…”Healing is the application of loving to the parts inside that hurt.”  This reminds me to that I am not here to fight with myself…using force to try and change the parts of myself that I do not like.  I am here to love…all parts of me. Even the cranky ones. Every part of me…and every part of everything…is here to receive love and to know that they are love.

What lights you up?
Service. Writing. Sharing my voice. Art. A kick-ass story.

What scares you?
Bugs. Ghosts. A few months ago, I would have said being seen in bigger ways, but I am getting better at that.

Do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share?
Begin.  Somewhere. Anywhere. If you feel the calling to stand forward in the glorious truth of who you, it is time to begin.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you are lucky, you will make mistakes. Ask for assistance. Receive the gifts that come your way. And don’t stop!

If an afterlife exists, what is the first thing you would like to hear after making your transition from this world to the next?

Jo Anna Rothman


Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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