You been visualizing it for months.  You have all it worked out in your head.  There are just a few missing pieces that need to come together and, like the magic of childbirth, your idea/masterpiece/vision/desired experience will enter the world.

You have told yourself all the right things – “What is meant to be will be.”, “I’m going to let the Universe take care of this for it is much wiser than I.”, or “I have let this go and it feels great.”  You anxiously await for what you KNOW is going to happen.

Then, something completely unexpected – a serious wrench is thrown into the plan, the pieces that appeared to be so neatly arranged fall apart, the stars come unaligned.

A slow, dreadful realization washes over you. This is NOT working out the way I imagined.”  Or, more accurately – “This is NOT working out.

Maybe your heart breaks and the tears flow, maybe you get pissed and find someone to blame, maybe you mope and tell yourself that nothing is really worth it.  If you are an overachiever, like myself, you mix yourself up a real doozy of an experience and do all of the above.

I recently posted “It’s so much easier to believe that everything is meant to be when all is going well.” on my Facebook timeline. A dear friend replied, “When all is going well, no belief is necessary….”

Sometimes all we I need is for someone to lovingly state the obvious to snap me back to my center.  (Okay, I admit…there was not a lot of snapping involved – it was more like pulling myself out of thick mud – a slow and dirty process.)

Remember, Melody….all suffering comes from what we think about what happened, not what actually happened.


  • freedom comes with letting go with your heart, not your head.
  • non-attachment is a warm invitation to serendipity.
  • courage is staying open to whatever might be behind door number three.
  • when you focus on your soul’s desires it is easier to let go of the details.
  • keeping your heart open now is less painful than the alternative


You are a majestic creature on an miraculous and stunning journey of which all the roads lead back to you.

Get up. Brush off the dust.  Give yourself some loving. Breathe.

Continue on.

Love, M

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