The Week of Inward Looking is posting seven questions by seven different teachers.  I am answering the first question from Patti Digh.  I would love to hear your answer to the question in the comments below.

Where have I learned and lived in 2012? In my head, in my body, or both? What would living more fully in my body in 2013 bring to me? How can I embody life and learning as I move through this liminal space between now and next? How can I more fully learn from the neck down in 2013?


In our hyper-intellectualized disembodied world, we sometimes allow technology to take the place of our bodies, don’t we? We sit, with only our arms moving as we type. We’ve even begun to distrust what our bodies say to us. Instead, we learn from the neck up, when learning from the neck down and fully embodying life will provide us with such greater riches. What do you allow yourself to really feel in your body, without the need to clarify, intellectualize, provide proof, capture with data, or block? What can you allow yourself to really feel in your body in 2013?

I have lived the majority of my life in my head.  So much so, that it never even occurred to me that I was disembodied or that there was a more holistic way to live. The light bulb first started to flicker when I  watched a TED talk from Ken Robinson. Robinson jokingly refers to professors as people who consider their body as nothing more than a vehicle to carry their heads to meetings. Funny as it is, I identified.  I, too, have had little regard for my body.  In fact, I have spent the majority of my thirty-eight years treating my body as something that I needed to conquer or overcome.  Talk about separation!

Discovering that I lived primarily in my head and that my relationship with my body was, at best, a nuance was a big but only a first step. Yes, I have stepped out of the “don’t know what you don’t know” mentality. Now I am on the path to discover what I have been missing out on.

Like any broken relationship, there is mending to be done.

I am learning to grant forgiveness to myself for the years of abuse and neglect that I have so readily served up to my body.

I have tasted the freedom that comes with giving the gift of acceptance to my body. I like it and want more.

I, at times, experience profound gratitude for the gifts my body gives to me.  This is an overwhelming feeling of love and wholeness – like, together, we make such a great team.

I find myself standing in awe of what my body knows LONG before my mind can catch up. I am trying to cultivate leadership in my body by being mindful and trusting what it has to say.

My mind has been leading the charge for a long time.  I know my body offers wisdom that my mind can not access.  Together, I can envision a relationship of communion and wholeness.

How about you? What have you learned from the neck down?

Love, M

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