Rescue Ranch
Mighty Ninny McRae

The Rescue Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving Boston Terriers & their friends.

Might Ninny McRae #MightyNinnyMcrae was born via c-section at a vet's office in south east Georgia. When her breeder realized she was born with a cleft lip they decided to leave her at the vet for euthanasia. Luckily, the vet began tube feeding her and contacted a local rescue partner that the Rescue Ranch has worked with many times in the past.

Ninny arrived at the Rescue Ranch on March 24th at just 48 hours old. Currently, she is receiving round the clock tube feeding as the cleft lip makes her unable to suckle like a normal pup. The good news is Ninny's cleft lip was noticed immediately at birth and was started tube feeding very soon after birth. That can often make all the difference. Ninny is continuing to tube feed well and is gaining weight.

As Ninny grows, the Rescue Ranch will be working with their vet to make sure she continues to have the right size feeding tube and is getting proper nutrition. When ready they will discuss and decide on the best option for reconstructive surgeries.

20% from each item purchased from the Rescue Ranch Fundraiser page, will be donated to the Rescue Ranch.