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As long as you feel inspired, your life is being well spent. ~Hugh McLeod

Recent Artwork

I create soulful art with the intention to stir the heart and invite you home.

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A Little About Me

ProfileMy name is Melody Joy Deetz, and my art is an expression of our collective wholeness.

The intention of my work is to be a beacon of light for what is possible.

To call you home.

To orchestrate a reunion with a forgotten part of yourself.

To serve as a reminder of something grander than your current moment or experience.

To invite you to travel to a place of wholeness.

I believe even a spark can light the path.  The intention of my art is to be that spark.

I am a co-conspirator with the Universe in an act of great loving.

May it serve us both.

P.S. When I’m following my pleasure, I can be found creating in my studio, snuggling with my pup, or laughing with my man.  Life is rich.



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Recent Blog Posts

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Just Be

Sometimes there are no words. No words to express the love you feel. No words to ease the pain. We look for...

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Discover the Mystery

Uncertainty is not the enemy. Sure, you want all the answers.  I get that. But, uncertainty only sucks when you...

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Blog Hop Q&A

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April 18, 2014 |

The Reunion

This is my latest, completed painting.  It was done with oils on 18” x 24” linen.  I have titled it “The...

March 5, 2014 |

How do you want to feel?

I have been reflecting on my truest and deepest desires lately. The list is long. I want so many things –...

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